Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Application Letter That Will Guarantee You To Be Hired!

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Finding for a job is a tough job! You know that! You have to compete with other applicants out there and so you need to at least impress the hiring officer with your credentials.

However, prior to that, your application letter should bring you closer to the final process of hiring. Your cover letter could create a remarkable first impression about who you are and so giving you the chance of putting your resume or curriculum vitae at a priority.

This is where I also invest my time, creating a reasonable cover letter that will create a lasting impression, and to direct the hiring officer to my credentials.

Below is a sample of one of my cover letters. Out of four companies or institutions, three of them set me for an interview when I used this letter.   



(Name, designation and address of to whom you must address your letter)

Dear Sir/Madam:


My two years of teaching experience in the academe and three years of working in the corporate world should be of interest to a dynamic academic institution like yours.

In various actual experiences in business and operations with the academe and the corporate world, leading to my present assignment as a College Business Instructor and Business Online Writer, I have acquired skills and knowledge on how to integrate business and statistics, mathematics and investment and management and operations research.

I will be glad to accept either full-time or part-time designation from you, but what would matter for me is to be able to show you how I can help your institution meet its goals.

Please see my resume/curriculum vitae for additional information on my experience.

I can be reached anytime via email at (your email address) or my cell phone, (your contact number).

I appreciate your time for this and look forward to your positive response.

Thank you!


(Your Signature over your Name)   


What's the point?

You don't need to impress the hiring officer with your highfalutin words or jargons! Be direct to the point. If it's clear that the company is looking for an individual to work with them to meet their prevailing needs, be sensitive to these needs. They'll be impressed with you if you will be able to convince them that you can help them and you really are an asset. That's the essence of the cover letter of your job application! That will make them consider of knowing you more thru your resume or curriculum vitae, and so your chance to be set for an interview could be higher, especially if you have strong competitive credentials!


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